Cretan Vacation House - Greece
This property is on the Greek island of Crete, in the district of Hania. The house is built on a 7 acre parcel of property about 5 minutes away from the famous beach Stavros from the movie Zorba the Greek. The house was built as a vacation house for a large family and is built using the indigenous limestone in the area. While the Cycladic island, which are further north, are whitewashed, in Crete the intricate stone masonry is traditionally left exposed. The house was built around a cylindrical grain storage structure found on the property believe to be over 100 years old. The rest of the house was modeled after it using exactly the same stone and masonry techniques. The house emulates the centuries old traditional architecture found on the island, right down to the untreated clay roof tiles.
Rustic Cretan Village Vacation House
Pathway to the front veranda

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